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Shiner Bock Beer Bread

How To Make 3 Ingredient Beer Bread

If you're looking for a simple Beer Bread recipe, then look no further.  Nothing could be easier and taste better than … [Read More...]


How To Make Deep Fried Turkey

Submitted by: Pat Mathews (Kat Curlee's Brother from San Angelo, Texas) Family, food and fun.  That's Thanksgiving … [Read More...]


How To Make Bacon ‘Pig’ Candy

Cali Lewis and I love bacon.  One evening we decided to make a ton of bacon recipes.  One of our favorites turned out … [Read More...]

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Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwich

Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwich

Made famous by The Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, the Hot Brown Sandwich is an example of simplicity and culinary … [Read More...]


Garlic and Rosemary Turkey

This is one of the best roast turkey recipes I've had.  Garlic and Rosemary go so well together, it's … [Read More...]


How To Make Homemade Granola!

Recipe submitted by: Kat Curlee I originally received this recipe from my friend, Jennifer Smith, who got it from … [Read More...]

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10 Reasons Why Your Cookies Aren’t Perfect

Have you ever noticed that when you use the same cookie recipe that your mother uses, the cookies never turn out quite the same?  Quite frankly, mine don't.  It's SO frustrating!  I have the same … [Read More...]

Kat Playing With Knives

How To Carve A Turkey

On this episode of Cooking With Kat, Kat and her brother Patrick Mathews will show us just how easy it is to carve a holiday turkey.  Follow Pat's simple instructions and you'll have nothing but … [Read More...]

Simple Double Boiler

What is "Double Boiling"?

  Double boiling is simply, using in-direct heat to melt or cook something. Using either a dedicated Double Boiler or a sauce pan and bowl, you can safely melt chocolate or almond bark or … [Read More...]

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