The benefits and advantages of organic fertilizers (green manure)

Benefits of organic fertilizer which is felt by farmers are increasing the productivity of agricultural land.Due to the increased levels of organic matter and nutrients in the soil, then by itself will improve chemical properties and bologi land or agricultural land. Benefits of organic fertilizer that is more easily perform land management for the better ground.

The price of organic fertilizer is cheap and very easy to obtain from nature. Organic fertilizer contains micro elements are more complete than with chemical fertilizers. Organic fertilizer will give life to the soil microorganisms.

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organic fertilizer

organic fertilizer

Another advantage of organic fertilizers

  1. Having the ability to mobilize bridge the nutrient in the soil will ion particles that are absorbed by plants.
  2. Has the ability to release nutrient soil very slowly and continues Meners, so it will be helped temper prevent excess supply of nutrients that make plants .
  3. MAMP keep moisture out of the soil, thus reducing pressure on the soil structure ata voltage plants.
  4. Able helped temper prevent erosion of topsoil.
  5. Able to maintain and take care of soil fertility.
  6. Benefit to human health, because a lot of the nutrient content is more complete and more.

Benefits of Organic Fertilizer

  1. Improving the soil surface layer
  2. Increase the population of microorganisms or soil microorganisms
  3. Improve absorption roots and soil absorption of water
  4. Fixing water infiltration, as well as the exchange of air in the soil
  5. Increasing crop production as much as possible
  6. Stabilizing the soil pH
  7. Increase cation exchange capacity, buffering capacity and power of water pheasant
  8. Nourish and loosen the soil
  9. Speeding up the process of decomposition of organic materials
  10. Stimulate root growth and establishment of a good root system, so it can take a lot of nutrients and make the plant healthier and stronger
  11. Enlarge percentage formation of flowers into fruits and seeds

organic fertilizer

  1. Increase the water content and can hold water for sandy conditions
  2. Increase resistance to abrasion
  3. Improve air exchange, the number of pores and water absorption properties to condition the clay
  4. Lowering the level of violence soil surface layer
  5. Containing elements of macro and micro nutrients complete
  6. Safe, environmentally friendly
  7. Effective and economical (cheap and easy to obtain)
  8. Eliminate chemical residues
  9. Easy application (can be applied before or after planting)

Thus the advantages, benefits and advantages of organic fertilizer for agricultural land. Thanks superbly visit, hopefully benefit!